Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

We are privileged to introduce our charity partners for the Broughton Hall Children's Literature Festival – The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

The CWMT was set up in 1997 in memory of Charlie Waller, a young man who took his own life whilst suffering from depression. Shortly after his death, his family founded the Trust in order to educate young people on the importance of staying mentally well and how to do so. 

The Trust aims to equip young people to look after their mental well being by recognising the signs of depression and be able to seek help and expert advice when needed. They are able to achieve this by delivering talks and training to young people, providing self help resources and training in universities as well focussing on training for mental health in the workplace for employees and employers. Here is a little more about our partnership.


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“We are absolutely delighted to be working with Authors Abroad and to be supporting the Festival. Reading is such a powerful experience for young people which can have a very positive effect on their wellbeing.”

Clare Stafford, The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

How does CWMT help?

It raises awareness of depression and other mental health issues, particularly amongst young people, helping them look after their emotional wellbeing and fighting stigma.

In 2017, CWMT delivered 575 sessions to 42,933 teachers, parents and pupils. CWMT trainers offer practical tools and skills that help young people take care of their mental health and to look out for each other. If they can spot when someone may be in trouble, they can offer support or get help.


How do they do it?

CWMT trainers all have expertise in mental health and are teachers, clinicians, academics or have lived experience of mental health problems. They draw on the latest research, clinical practice and the experiences of pupils and staff to provide high quality, evidence-based training.


What do people say about CWMT training?

“I went through depression last year and was in an incredibly low place. I genuinely think that if someone provided me with the talk you provided today, I would probably never have gotten to a place so low.” Pupil

“Thank you so much. This is exactly what we wanted and your personal story really brings the session to life. Since you came in we have had several groups of girls disclosing to us that they have concerns about a friend.” Teacher

“I want you to know just how much you and your workshops have helped us through what is probably the worst time of our lives. I would encourage anyone who has a loved one that suffers from any disordered eating or other anxiety-related illnesses to attend these workshops.” Parent

For more information and to show your support visit

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