Andrew Lane

Saturday 29 September 4.50–5.30pm

The Show:

Sherlock Holmes: manic-depressive, obsessive compulsive, expert at playing the violin, boxing, single-stick fighting, martial arts, chemistry and disguise - possibly the first three-dimensional character in literature, probably the world's most famous literary creation. And yet it was all an accident. Arthur Conan Doyle wasn't even a writer when he invented Holmes; he was a doctor with no patients trying desperately to pay his bills. So how did he manage to create a character that has survived and thrived for nearly a century and a half? Come and meet Andy who will teach you all of the tricks of the trade.
Ages: 7+

About Andy:

Andrew Lane, popularly known as Andy Lane, is a successful creative writer, author and journalist with twenty-three published novels, thirty-three published short stories, nine published non-fiction books and thirteen produced audio and TV scripts. Andy is doubtless one of few authors who have immense knowledge on the Sherlock Holmes character, he had a huge passion for the books and even felt he related to Holmes as a child and “appreciated being able to read books in which the lead character relied on intelligence to get through, not on strength or agility”.

The much loved Young Sherlock series began when Robert Kirby (Andy’s agent) had been working with the Doyle family on the collected letters of Arthur Conan Doyle and the idea of reviving Sherlock Holmes for a young adult audience was raised. Andy set to work straight away with the determination to create an authentic teenage Sherlock Holmes, he wrote his first series in 2010 and it was instantly a hit. The Young Sherlock books are addictive and have young readers hooked from the very beginning. 

Andy has also written a number of spin-off novels and audio dramas based on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who as well as assorted non-fiction books based upon popular film and TV franchises such as James Bond, Wallis and Gromit and Austin Powers.

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The Young Sherlock books are addictive and have young readers hooked from the very beginning.