Chris White

Saturday 29 September 1.20–2.10pm

The Show:

A Chris White show is what you would get if you took a rock n roll concert, crossed it with a stand-up show, mixed in a drawing lesson, sprinkled it with poetry, added a gallon of giggles then baked for 20 minutes.

If you love drawing, reading, writing, laughing, clapping, giggling, shouting, dancing, and making stupid noises then this is the show for you!
You’ll laugh, you’ll giggle, you’ll see a hamster in a microwave! (Don’t worry, not an actual hamster...)
"Very, very funny! 10 out of 10! A great fun show for both parents and children!" The Edinburgh Fringe

Ages: 4+



About Chris:

Chris is a UK based writer and poet who has published both poetry and story books. Chris also scribbles drawings. His creations include Bitey the Veggie Vampire, Wang Foo the Kung Fu Shrew, Woof Woof the Cat, Dave the Hamster and Stumpy the One-Legged Pigeon. He has also illustrated lots of other people's work too.

 Chris has also written for the BBC, featured on radio & television shows and travelled around the world bringing his drawing and rhyme road shows alive for lots and lots of people. He has performed in theatres, libraries, schools, prisons, shopping centres, hospitals and festivals around the globe.



Chris has performed all over the world from Russia to the Republic of Congo