John Row

Saturday 29 September 1.20–2.10pm

Sunday 30 September 10.00–10.50am

The Show:

Sit down and prepare to be enchanted, listen to John  (who looks like Santa Claus) re telling some of his favourite stories. A must see show for all young children and grown-ups alike.
Ages: Suitable for all ages

About John:

John Row is a veteran storyteller who has been holding audiences spellbound at festivals, colleges and museums for over half a century. He has told his fantastical stories full of witches, wizards, dragons and tricksters on four continents of the globe from Lapland in the frozen north to the tropical heat of Indonesia. He has run the Storytelling Lounge on Glastonbury Festival's Kidz Field and at Cambridge Folk Festival for over twenty years as well as appearing at the Sharjah Children's Book Festival. John encourages audience participation in his performances and hopes that his stories will be passed on, relived and retold.

As well as working in schools, colleges, prisons, museums, festivals and arts centres in the UK, USA, and mainland Europe John has also created characters for re-cycling and public information road shows and plays in prisons. 


John has run the Storytelling Lounge at Glastonbury's Kids Field for more than 20 years.