Mara Menzies

Saturday 29 September 2.30–3.15pm

Sunday 30 September 2.30–3.15pm

The Show:

Come and join Mara on a journey that will take you to marvellous, mystical and magical worlds.
Ages: 4+

About Mara:

Mara Menzies is one of Scotland’s best loved performance storytellers with a powerful, dynamic and physical style that captures the imagination of any audience. 

She is passionate about sharing stories and lived experiences from her dual Scottish and Kenyan heritage, sculpting inspired storytelling performances.

She has performed and led workshops around the world including Kenya, Singapore, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, the USA and across the UK. 

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“Storytelling is the root of what makes us who we are. Stories move us, inspire us, teach us and help us see our place in the world.”