Marcus Alexander

Sunday 30 September 3.40–4.30pm

The Show:

Too many authors fill their books with action and adventure without ever having experienced it for themselves. Marcus Alexander has gone out his way to taste everything that he writes about: he’s fought in crowded stadiums in Chiang Mai, dealt with malfunctioning parachutes while skydiving, been trapped in underwater caves, been cut by angle grinders while fighting off motorcycle thieves in London and so much more. And if you don’t believe that Marcus is the real deal come along to his talk and see him perform acrobatics on stage!
Ages: 9+

About Marcus:

Marcus Alexander is the author of the young fantasy series Keeper of the Realms. His debut novel Crow’s Revenge features the exploits of the heroine Charlie Keeper in the magical world of Bellania.

Marcus is an action and adventure lover. His travels have led him across Europe, to America, India and the Far East. During his time abroad he learned capoeira, parkour (freerunning), acrobatics, dance and Thai Boxing. He has climbed ice flows in the Khumbu glacier, sandboarded in the Sahara desert, gone caving in the Golden Triangle, fought professionally in crowded stadiums and outraced avalanches whilst snowboarding in the Alps.

Drawing upon his travel and sporting experiences as an inspiration to write the self-published the novel Who is Charlie Keeper? which, after drawing a youthful fan base of breakdancers, freerunners and young Hollywood stuntmen, was purchased by Puffin Publishing to become the nexus for the Keeper of the Realm series.

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Marcus has climbed ice flows in the Khumbu glacier, sandboarded in the Sahara desert and gone ice caving in the Golden Triangle.