Maz Evans

Sunday 30 September 11.15–12pm

The Show:

Maz Evans presents a fun-filled family fiasco as she uses the world of her hilarious 'Who Let the Gods Out?' series to introduce Greek Mythology – as you’ve never seen it before. Packed with giggles and games, look no further for an epic dose of mythological mayhem. This presentation features Maz’s quest to find the King or Queen of the Gods from her audience members. 
Ages: 9+

About Maz:

Maz Evans is author of the Who Let The Gods Out series, a comedy fantasy adventure about a young boy who must reassemble the classical immortals to beat a death daemon and save mankind.

Maz Evans began her writing career in journalism as a TV critic and feature writer and has also been a University Lecturer. Most recently she founded Story Stew; a creative writing programme that visits primary schools and literary festivals around the UK. 

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Maz Evans delivers theatre-style presentations that are entertaining, anarchic, interactive and downright daft. But they also convey stealthy educational messages – even if they are delivered via water pistol…