Michael de Souza - Rastamouse

Saturday 29 September 12.20-1.00pm

Sunday 30 September 11.15–12.00pm

The Show:

Join Michael DeSouza and Da Easy crew.
That means Rastamouse Scratchy and Zoomer too! Listen to a tale of the crimefighting mouse.
And welcome a new guest to this story telling house.
The Broughton Hall Children's Literature Festival is just the right place for Lil Bruv to show his face!
He's the youngest rapper in town and going to show you what he's putting down! 

Ages: 4+

About Michael:

Michael de Souza is the Trinidad born author of the classic book series Rastamouse and the creator of the well-known CBeebies character of the same name. Before creating the tales of Rastamouse and his friends Michael worked as a swimming instructor and looked after the children of some of London’s elite including Richard Branson and Stella McCartney. Whilst working with children he made up stories, poems and songs to teach his young students and help them overcome fear of water. Around this time Michael gave up full time work to look after his baby daughter and while she was napping he would write and develop these poems into stories- one about a little mouse who would go on to become Rastamouse, the crime-fighting, reggae-loving, Rastafarian star of children’s television

After a chance meeting at the swimming pool with Genevieve Webster (co-author and illustrator) the pair self pusblished Rastamouse in 2003 and by 2011 became a much loved animation for children. Michael and Genevieve remain a big part of the television series writing a significant number of episodes and overseeing voice-recording, animation and design. Rastamouse has a positive message for young children, promoting the need to understand what is right from what is wrong, and why, in a meaningful context. The stories focus on finding creative and positive solutions to problems and situations. The little mouse has gone from strength to strength spreading his universal message of caring and sharing.
Ages: 4–8

Find out more here rastamouse.com

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Michael sees Rastamouse as filling a gap in literature and programming for the UK’s Afro-Caribbean children, as well as building bridges between various cultures.