Nick Arnold

Saturday 29 September 10-10.50am

Sunday 30 September  2.30–3.15pm

The Show:

Join Nick Arnold for hair-raising highlights from the world's bestselling kids' science series - 'HORRIBLE SCIENCE'.  With evil experiments, foul factoids, putrid poems and queasy quizzes - this show is rib-tickling, roof-raising, rip-roaring family fun. Science has never been so squishy!
Ages: 6+

About Nick:

Nick Arnold is author of the award winning Horrible Science and Wild Lives series. Nick isn’t just a human being he’s a one-person book factory who (when he’s not penning bestsellers) gets up to all sorts of tricks to show everyone that books are really the most wonderful invention since inventions were invented. Oh yes, and when he’s not acting crazy about science, he’s crazy about history instead!

He has written over 50 books, which are on sale in over 40 countries, with sales of over fifteen million books.

Nick is also a serious historian. He has lots of letters after his name to prove that he studied history and in 2008 he became really famous for using his history detective skills to find an ancient battlefield that had been lost one thousand years.

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Nick loves introducing audiences to the exciting, gruesome and amusing world of Science.