Nick Toczek

Saturday 29 September 3.40–4.30pm

Sunday 30 September 11.15–12pm

The Show:

Nick Toczek's now legendary 'Million-Miles-An-Hour Show' is a rollercoaster one-man performance that showcases his ability to enthral and entertain all ages. In it, he blends his poetry with audience participation, his comedy with his amazing magic skills, his outrageous puppetry with spellbinding storytelling, Peppered with the unpredictable, no two shows are ever the same and, though they're tailored to target specific age-ranges, they're also perfect for siblings, parents and grandparents.
Ages: 4+

About Nick:

Nick Toczek is a best-selling author, a full-time professional writer and performer who currently works variously as a poet, magician, storyteller, puppeteer, novelist, creative writing tutor, and journalist. He has published 36 books and has made more than 40,000 public appearances, his poetry books alone have sold well over half a million copies!

Nick performs at festivals and family events, in libraries and prisons, on radio and TV and in colleges and universities. He’s even been paid to tour supermarkets, perform on a train and in a fast-food restaurant, read from the top of a ladder in a church, and help children to write poems while caving! Nick is a craftsman and a wordsmith of the highest order. His poems are funny and thought-provoking, accessible yet challenging, and above all they paint a vivid picture in the mind of the reader.


Nick is a craftsman and a wordsmith of the highest order.