Robin Etherington

Saturday 29 September, 10-10.50am

Sunday 30 September 12.20–1pm

The Show:

Set your brains to INSPIRE! During a high-energy show Robin Etherington will explain the processes behind creating original characters, worlds and stories through a wealth of examples, exercises and Q&A sessions improvised straight from your suggestions, which will bring the adventures to life!
Guaranteed to leave young and old minds alike whirring with creativity and enthusiasm, this interactive presentation empowers the storyteller and artist in all of us through humour and fun. No idea is too silly to inspire a great tale... or it it?!

Ages: 7+

About Robin:

Robin Etherington is best known as one half of the dynamic duo the Etherington Brothers, who are British comics creators. The brothers are the creative team behind Long Gone Don, Monkey Nuts, YORE, Baggage, Von Doogan and Freaky and Fearless.

Find out more at theetheringtonbrothers

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Robin seeks to empower the storyteller and artist in all of us.