Steve Skidmore

Sunday 30 September 1.20–2.10pm

The Show:

Come along and experience the hilarious world of Steve Skidmore. Having written over 230 books, Steve travels the world delivering brilliantly entertaining and engaging presentations and now he’s here with a fun-packed show for all the family.
Find out all about the Action Dogs and become a TOTAL HERO! You could be a Ninja, a Warrior Princess, an Astronaut or even a Unicorn!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see one of the best author/performers around, you won’t be sorry!
Ages: 6+

About Steve:

Steve Skidmore has written over 200 books with his writing partner, Steve Barlow, imaginatively known as 'The 2 Steves'.

In addition to their many popular fiction series like Action Dogs, Challenger, iHero, iHorror, Mad Myths, Vernon Bright and The Dark Forest, they have written many non fiction books, TV scripts and edited many plays. They also write extensively for the reluctant reader.

As well as writing for TV and theatre Steve has also acted as series editor on numerous reading programmes for several major publishing houses. Steve Skidmore was selected as one of the top 100 most influential and creative people working in the UK in 2016 in the Hospital Club top hundred awards. He was one of ten nominations in the publishing and writing section for his work on the groundbreaking NSS G Story App

Steve is an ex-teacher with many years teaching experience. Since leaving the classroom, he has undertaken hundreds of school and library visits across the world and regularly performs at festivals and libraries to promote the importance of reading for pleasure. His performances are described as “Hilarious… brilliant… and mad”!

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Steve's performances are described as “Hilarious… brilliant… and mad”!