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Peter Bunzl

Best-selling children’s author Peter Bunzl discusses his love of comics, cartoons and adventure stories, and how that led to a career in animation and writing. He explains how he combined research into real life Victorians, airships and automata (clockwork robots) with his own exciting ideas to create his highly acclaimed children’s book series: The Cogheart Adventures. £8

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Nick Cook

Nick Cook, will introduce audiences to the world of Cloud Riders his recent book series. Be warned because a real life tornado will be created during the session and there may even be some audience dancing. You have been warned! £8

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David Solomons

David Solomons is the best selling author of My Brother is a Super Hero books. Come and help David design the perfect superhero, test your comic book knowledge in a quiz and perhaps even don a cape to act out a special mini-adventure. £8

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