Yorkshire Young Writer 2018

As part of the Broughton Hall Children’s Literature Festival we will be working with over 200 schools. We are thrilled to invite all of these schools to enter their children into an exciting writing competition - Yorkshire Young Writer of the Year. There will be two categories – years 3 and 4 and one for years 5 and 6.
It is anticipated that over 40 000 children will take part.

We are delighted that Bradford Grammar School, the leading independent school in the north of England, is sponsoring this prestigious event and we are looking forward to seeing the very best in creative writing in our region.

Every school that enters will have at least one chosen winner and the lucky 200 winners will have their story published in a real book

All chosen finalists will be invited to attend the Broughton Hall Festival on Saturday 29 or Sunday 30 September 2018 to find out who will be the overall winner. As part of the prize they will be invited to attend one of our top author shows. Following the show we will announce the top six entries. The top six stories will be read out by some of the leading children’s authors in the country before the overall winner is finally announced.


Prizes Galore...

All 200 winners will have their stories published and receive a free copy of the book.

The top six winners will have their stories read out by special guests and will win books both for themselves and for their school.

The First place winner from each category will receive a year’s supply of books and books for his/her school library plus a FREE author visit to his /her school. #BHCLFyoungwriters.

More details about the competition...

Several of our authors have written an opening paragraph to a story. 

Children can choose ONE of these opening paragraphs to finish off by writing their own 500 word short story.

  • Each school can enter as many children as they wish.

  • Each school must then decide which are their TOP four stories from each category ( years 3 and 4 and years 5 and 6)

  • These stories must be e mailed to Authors Abroad via Yvonne Lang – Yvonne@caboodlebooks.co.uk.

  • Submissions must include; name of the school, the name of the child, his/her class and what category they have been entered for, plus a contact e mail address.

Authors Abroad will read all entries and choose at least one winner from each school and each category.


Competition deadline: Monday 11 June 2018

All schools will be notified of their individual winners by Saturday 16 July

The 200 Winners will be invited to attend the Broughton Hall Children’s Literature Festival on either the 29 or 30 September to receive their prizes and to find out who will be the overall winner and Young Yorkshire Writer of the Year 2018.


Opening paragraphs for Years 5 & 6

Option 1: “Tuesday”

Stephen blinked. He’d never seen anything like it before in his life. It wasn’t the sort of thing you’d expect to see anywhere, ever – let alone in your own back garden on an ordinary Tuesday morning in late November.

He took a step towards it, his heart pounding. Then another. Ten more paces and he’d be able to reach out and touch it.

Option 2: “Wings”


You’re kidding right. You get out of bed and you’ve grown….wings!

They weren’t just any old wings either. They were brown and tawny and huge, as if I had turned into a hawk in the night. What’s more, they had a life of their own. I didn’t tell them to flap, but that’s what they did. Next minute I was bouncing off the walls like a rubber ball.

Just when I was feeling quite dizzy, I shot out of the open window and up into the clear, blue sky.

OK, I told myself. Time to learn how to use these things or I could end up doing myself some serious damage.


Opening paragraphs for Years 3 & 4

Option 1:

The note said:

Dear Ug,
Your mum and I have gone hunting. We'll be back in a week. If you get hungry there is a mammoth burger in the kitchen.
Whatever you do, DO NOT go out of the cave!
There are a lot of sabre tooth tigers about.

I was going to the kitchen to get a mammoth burger, when I heard a noise coming from outside the cave...

Option 2:

The sky was pink. The two suns were shining. It was just another beautiful day in the land of the wizards and unicorns. Until the visitors arrived...

Good luck everyone!